Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Monday October 20th, 2008

Our journey started in Frankfurt at the RheinMain airport.
We flew two hours from Frankfurt to Madrid, the capital of Spain.
After the flight we drove 2 hours to Tomelloso; it was a very hard day.
Our families brought us to our new homes. The families were very friendly. I was very tired so I went to bed.

Wednesday, October 22nd 2008

It was our second day in Spain and we drove to Madrid. It took a very long time to reach Madrid – about 2 hours and 30 minutes. When we arrived, we had a guided tour by bus. Eva, the Spanish-coordinator, told us what we saw on our left and our right. It was a rainy day and after a 20 minute “bus-guidetour” we had to go by foot – thank you very much. We went through the city and at about 1 o’clock all students had free time. The first thing we wanted to do was to eat something – McDonalds! When we finished the lunch, we went out for shopping, but we only had 1 hour. We had to meet at the Prado museum. The Italians arrived – Ciao! We had to be at the museum at 4 o’clock. When did the teachers arrive? – At 5 o’clock – of course. In the Prado museum are many, many paintings of international-known painters and Eva explained them to us. We had 2 hours to watch them. At 7 o’clock we had free time again. The bus started at half past 8 and we arrived in Tomelloso at 11 o’clock. Everybody was very tired, so see you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23rd 2008

The third day in Spain – it was a great day. In the morning we finished the work that we had started on Tuesday. At half past 12 we went to the winery in Tomelloso. We saw a lot of barrels full of wine. The teachers were going to have lunch in a restaurant and all students had been in invited to have lunch by Adrian, a Spanish pupil. We ate salad, Spanish omelette and meat. We played games and stayed at his home until 6 o’clock. Then every student went home. At 8 o’clock we met at the highschool again. The highschool gave a presentation about the Comenius-Project. Later everybody was invited to have dinner in the school – A great evening!

Friday, October 23.2008

On Friday we drove to Toledo by bus. Toledo is a wonderful old city in Spain.
First we made a tour through Toledo and after this we had a long free time.
So we went out for shopping. Afterward we were tired and went to eat something at Mc Donald´s. Then we visited the cathedral from Toledo but it wasn’t allowed to take photos. Before we drove with the bus home we made a group photo.
When we are back in Tomelloso we went into a disco and had a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 25th 2008

It was our last day in Spain. We met each other at the school in the morning to keep on working for this Blog. Everybody was very tired because of the night before. After work we went on a trip to a kind of museum. We saw where the author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra wrote his poems and letters. After this we drove to La Mancha to a lake. The drive was very stressfull because of the bad roads, many students felt sick. We saw very nice hills and a beautiful lake. When we came back to the school again, we had free time and could enjoy the last hours with our new friends and their families.

Sunday, October 25.2008

It was the last day (last morning) in Spain because we had to fly home.
After the disco at night we went home, took a shower, packed our baggage
and drove to the bus station.
Than we drove by bus to the Airport in Madrid-Barajas and flew home.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

Welcome to Turkey

April 27, 2008

Our journey started in Frankfurt at the airport.
We flew from Frankfurt to Izmir, a big city in Turkey.
After our departure in Izmir I first thought “ Oh no, bad weather” because it was raining.
But I didn´t worry about that because everything was so exciting.
We drove on with a bus to the centre of Izmir. I was very surprised because everything was so modern like in Germany.
We drove to our hotel by taxi where we stayed for this night.
Everybody was very nice and everything worked out.

April 28, 2008

The very next day we drove to Usak, to the school where we met our exchange partners.
It was a great experience to see all the Turkish students wearing school uniforms and that everybody was so friendly there. My exchange partner was so nice and hospitable. Even though her English was not the best but we were able to communicate by gestures and mimics which was very funny.
After the meeting I drove with my partner to my new Turkish family.
The family was very friendly, in fact I have to say that I never met such kind and hospitable people like in Turkey.

April 29, 2008

In the next morning we went up very early because we went to school.
At school I met a lot of people and teachers and everybody was very excited, not only the Turkish students, we too.
It was amazing to see that everybody was so friendly to each other and it was very funny to see the students and teachers playing together.
They played a lot of basketball and soccer... And there was a kind of match ,too.
So we always were very busy.
After the game some of us where allowed to go to the city. So we did it. It was very funny.

April 30, 2008

This day we did a journey to Pamukkale, a place near Denizli in the Southwest of Turkey.
At about 10 o’clock, when all the teachers and students got in the bus we drove off.. We drove for about 2 hours in a blazing heat through the beautiful landscape.
We where never bored in the bus thanks to the funny Italians who had planned a great program which included singing and dancing. At the end of our trip we finally arrived in Pamukkale and where very impressed of the overwhelming sight.

We stopped, took some pictures and went on to a great lake where we also could made a short break. The Turkish teachers brought Turkish specialities so we didn’t have to worry about food and drinks. After some group fotos we drove towards to the top of the mountain.
There we walked through the ruins of the ancient Hieropolis which was very beautiful.
After this short walk we reached the hot springs.
Everybody was amazed not just because the hot springs, the view was also fantastic.
We spent some time there and then we continued our trip.
We drove to Denizli, a modern and industialized city which is close to Pamukkale.
We went to a mall with an ice rink inside. I went ice-skating. What a fun, I never expected something like that in Turkey! After that we were very tired and drove back to Usak.
It was such a great day, I think everybody will remember it.

May 1, 2008

This was a day we spent in our partner school again. At school we played volleyball and basketball. We played basketball with two Turkish teachers. It was really funny to play with these two teachers, because German teachers only play basketball or other sports in sport lessons. In the afternoon we went to the city, where we saw a mosque, but only the teachers visited the mosque from inside. After that we went home to dress up for the evening. In the evening the whole group met in a restaurant to eat, drink, dance and celebrate together. It was a nice evening where our exchange partners sang songs from their countries.

May 2, 2008

The next morning we drove to Ephesus, an ancient Greek port city. Before we arrived in Ephesus we saw an old Greek temple. It was incredible to see this old temple and how he was built. Then we saw Ephesus, which was a big and a beautiful city in ancient times, but I do not know why was this city a port city, because the Mediterranean Sea is many miles away. It was a nice and funny day, because I got lost. I took the wrong exit. On the way back home the other bus broke down and waited for one hour. Back in Usak we had to say ´see you´ to the Slovak students and teachers and it was very hard for all of us because we became good friends.

May 3, 2008

On our last day in Usak, which was a Saturday, we were free to spend our time with our exchange families. Some families made a barbecue and other saw a bazaar. In the Evening we I met other pupils in a shopping mall were we drunk tea or something else. After that we drove to a hill where we could see the whole city.

May 4, 2008

On Sunday morning we drove to Izmir. In Izmir we looked at some sights and ate something. We walked around the bay of Izmir. In the evening there was a big party in the streets, because Galatasaray Istanbul won a match in football. It was a really big trouble, because everyone was in the streets to celebrate.

On Monday morning we went to the airport, where we flew back to Germany